vision and mission



Fullerton Magnet Center will provide the best possible environment for each of its students so that every child has the opportunity to develop his or her potential to the fullest. The school shall foster those academic skills, physical skills, and social skills, which are necessary for each child to become a positive contributing member of society.

It is the goal of Fullerton Magnet Center to promote high academic achievement in all areas, and provide the development of strong moral character, an appreciation of ethnicity, love for home and country, and respect for the rights of all people. We will strive to develop in each child self-esteem with regard to race, gender, and heritage.

As a result of his or her education at Fullerton, your child will learn to make mature and responsible decisions commensurate with his or her age. Each student will develop an appreciation of his or her own self worth as well as the worth and contributions of all people.


Fullerton provides a safe and caring environment for all students to learn and be successful in life.