Fullerton Magnet

Fullerton Magnet Center is located at 4711 North 138th Street in Omaha. It is a PreK-4 Elementary Magnet Center. Students in grades two through fourth grade are offered a unique program in communication skills and electronic media, in addition to the regular courses.

In special units designed for the magnet program to enhance existing curriculum, students progress from a basic use of technology for theme-related presentations to complex ones that incorporate digital media. Students have computer access in their classrooms as well as the opportunity to work in an instructional computer lab. Daily use is made of the in-house television studio.

Active parent, community, and business involvement provides support for the instructional program at Fullerton Magnet Center. The school mascot is the falcon, symbolizing the motto and school mission of having all Fullerton Magnet Center students "Soaring with Confidence," as they prepare for the high technology age in which they will live.

Fullerton's Channel 64, Station F.A.N.

Fullerton Magnet Video
Fullerton Magnet Video

Fullerton Elementary Magnet
4711 North 138th Street
Omaha, NE 68164-6047

Phone: (402) 498-2787
Fax: (402) 498-0967

'Home of the Falcons'