If you can help....

I am looking for people to help with the following activities:

1. Podcast a reading selection.

2. Cutting needed items

3. Be our guest reader or listener.

4. Be our guest math whiz.

5. Updating  our word wall bulletin board.

Classroom Wishlist

There are some items our classroom can always use:

1. Wikki Sticks

2. Clorox Wipes

3. Kleenex 

4. Vis A Vis markers

5. Blue leaded pencils

6. Expo Markers (the dry erase kind)


Join remind by sending a text message to: (405) 896-2181 message: @kuehl4th 

or to receive messages via email send an email to kuehl4th@mail.remind.com

Here are some websites I use:

















Classroom Information

Welcome to room 21! 

I hope all my students had a great summer break and are ready to start the new year off right! 

I have made a list of optional school supplies and a wish list for my class this year.

Wish List Includes:

  • Kleenex
  • 5 Glue sticks (They dry out fast)
  • Red and Blue ink pens
  • 3 large (grocery size without handles) Brown paper bags for covering text books (Please no stretchy cloth covers they ruin the book bindings)
  • Lots of Pencils (We seem to go through a lot of them in fourth grade!)
  •  5 spiral notebooks
  • one compostition notebook
  • pencil case
  • Highlighters ( Pink, Purple, Blue, Orange, Green and Yellow)

Optional List includes:

  • Dry Erase Marker (example: Expo-Low Odor)
  • Wet Erase Marker (example: Expo Vis-a-Vis)
    Please remember that both of these lists are optional school supplies for the year.



Happy school shopping!

Mrs. Kuehl

About Me

About Mrs. Kuehl

Hello, thanks for visiting my site.  My name is Keri Kuehl (K-eel). I thought this would be a perfect way for you to get to know me. I am an Omaha native. I attended Bryan High school  and went to UNL and Southeast Community College, where I received my associates in manufacturing engineering. I worked as a drafter for five years at Lozier, where they make store shelving for Target and other stores. I decided to go back to school to get my teaching degree at UNO in elementary education.   This is my 8th year teaching fourth grade.  My first year I taught at Fontenelle elementary.

        My husband's name is Andy Kuehl. We have two sons: Connor who is 8 1/2 years old, and Evan who is 3 1/2.  We also have a six year old german shepherd named Heidi. As a family we like to go for walks through Elmwood, Memorial Park and through our neighborhood. And we enjoy going to Creighton basketball games. Go Jays! Thanks for taking the time to visit my site!



Come spend your lunch hour with us any day! We will meet you in the lunch room at 11:45. Bring a brown bag lunch or purchase a Fullerton hot lunch for $3.20.






Parents please remember to check your child's planner and yellow folder for upcoming test and important information.





Most homework can be completed at school. If an assignment comes home, it will come in the yellow homework folder and it needs to be finished by the next day. If it is incomplete or lost, your child will be able to makeup the homework during recess time. When more than 3 assignments are missing, your child will call to let you know about the late or missing work and will miss recess and other fun activities until it is made up.

Please feel free to contact me at Keri.Kuehl@ops.org with any questions regarding homework. 

Write and Bite

We are a peanut/nut free classroom. Please look below for the safe food that may be brought into the classroom. I will also include the unsafe food list.

Safe food

Krispy Creme Donuts

Cakes/cupcakes from the Cakery in Rockbrook

Animal Crackers

Original Oreos & Uh-Oh Oreos

Original Chips Ahoy (blue bag)

Vanilla Wafers

Fig Newton & Fig bars

Graham Crackers

Honey Maid Cinnamon Sticks

Teddy Grahams

Marshmallows & Marshmallow crème

Pop Tarts & Pop Tart snack sticks

Nutri Grain cereal bars

Nutri Grain minis

Cereal Bars:

            Special K

            Froot loops

            Frosted Flakes

            Rice Krispies Treats

Crunch Toons

Cheese Nips & Cheese It Crackers

Goldfish & Cheddar Whales

Flavored snack Crackers



Safe Candies

Tootsie Rolls

Hershey’s Kisses, Bars, & Nuggets

Milk Duds


Jr. Mints


Fruit Flavored Candies

Starburst, Skittles, Twizlers, etc.


Unsafe Food

All Little Debbie Snack Cakes

All cookies except those listed on safe food list

Cookie Bars:


            Chips Ahoy!

            M & M


All Granola Bars

Krave Snack bars

All Sandwich crackers, i.e.

            Cheese & cheese

            Wheat & cheese

Ritz Bits cheese & Smores Crackers

All Chex Mix & Crunch & Munch


Unsafe Candies

All M&M’s, including plain


Dove Chocolates


Jelly Beans

Circus Peanuts

Some Gummies

Most all 2/$1.00 candy bags



*** These are just some examples of unsafe foods. If you are in doubt, check the ingredients.***