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Classroom Expectations:

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When students arrive in the classroom each morning, they follow a routine to help them prepare for the day.  This routine includes turning in any forms or homework,  returning their punch card (usually on Mondays - signed by parents); and completing bellwork.  

Classroom Rules are posted in the room for students to follow.  Every Monday, the students will receive a new "punch card" for the week, which they keep in their desks.  In the first week or two of school, the class will help write the rules and determine how many punches on their punch card they receive for breaking a rule.  On Fridays, our class will have a 15-20 minute playtime.  For every 5 punches on a card, a student will miss out on 5 minutes of the playtime.

A student with no punches on their card receives the full playtime minutes and a piece of candy.

Punch cards will go home on Fridays (usually taped to the front of their assignment notebook).  The punch cards need to be signed or initialed by a parent and returned to class on Mondays.

Parents:  I will send a copy of the punch card rules and punches students receive for each infraction  so you have it at home.  Also, sometimes during the school year, we will need to revise the rules and/or punches and you will receive a copy.  Please be sure to have your child return the punch cards on Monday.  Thank you! 


Good behavior is rewarded with praise, free time, notes from me, etc.  In addition, as a class community, we all work to fill the marble jar.  Marbles are added for good behavior in the classroom or in the hallway, and compliments from other teachers at specials.  When the jar is filled, the class will be rewarded!