Grade 2 Math

The Omaha Public Schools use the Go Math Math Series.  This series provides students with direct instruction, hands-on experiences, and step-by-step models.  Please help your child correct any missed math problems on their daily assignments.  Click on the math links below to play some fun and motivating math games!


Every Monday, students will be taking a 5 minute math test.  These tests will help students with basic addition and subtraction facts.  Students who complete all of the math facts and are all done correctly, will receive a coupon for a free mini pizza from Godfathers Pizza!

Math Websites

  • Elementary math - This website has links to an amazing amount of math practice games and activities.  There is something here for every math concept.
  • A+ Math – This is a great math website to practice and improve skills in multiplication, division, addition and subtraction.
  • AAA - Hundreds of Basic Math Skills plus interactive practice on every page! 
  • Multiplication - This is a great website to practice multiplication! Test your skills.
  • Connect the dots - This site helps children learn to count.
  • Cool - Fun Math games for all ages.
  • E-Lab - Online Math Activities from Harcourt Publishing, they publish our math series.
  • Rounding – Try out this site to test your rounding skills.
  • Figure this! - Take a challenge.  This is a site for the whole family.
  • - This site covers every math topic you need and the ability to ask the experts.
  • Math Cats - These cats love Math!  Find out why.
  • Multimedia Math Glossary - Now you can see what all those math terms mean.
  • – Link to this site for family activities that enhance math skills.  Also included are links to important homework help sites.
  • Math Lessons that are FUN, FUN, FUN! - Students will find a variety of lessons and games on many different topics.
  • Quia Math - Practice Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, and rounding.  You can search by topic.
  • Tessellations  - This site is full of activities with exciting shapes!

Website list and descriptions adapted from:

Harcourt Math

August Chapter 1 ~ Number Concepts
September Chapter 2 ~ Numbers to 1000

October Chapter 3 ~ Basic Facts & Relationships
November Chapter 4/5 ~ 2-digit Addition/Subtraction

January Chapter 7 ~ Money & Time

 Chapter 8 ~ Length in Customary Units


April Chapter 10 ~ Data Analysis
May Chapter 11 ~ Geometry & Fraction Concepts