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Throughout the entire year we'll focus on problem solving and mental math. These skills will help all students since they are the two that we use the most as adults.  We will also be leaning all kinds of different math concepts such as data analysis, multiplication, division, fractions, geometry, time, volume, mass, area and perimeter. We will also be focusing on strategies and thinking processes that we use when we are performing mathematical operations and problemsSomething that you can do at home is continue to play math games that you already have around the house, like Yahtzee, dice games and card games that include adding and subtracting! These help develop mental math skills. It is also a good idea to practice math facts with online games or flash cards with your child. 


    Third grade math - This website has links to an amazing amount of math practice games and activities.  There is something here for every math concept.

    A+ Math – This is a great math website to practice and improve skills in multiplication, division, addition and subtraction.

    AAA - Hundreds of Basic Math Skills plus interactive practice on every page! 

    Multiplication - This is a great website to practice multiplication! Test your skills.

    Connect the dots - This site helps children learn to count. - Fun Math games for all ages.

    E-Lab - Online Math Activities from Harcourt Publishing, they publish our math series.

    Figure this! - Take a challenge.  This is a site for the whole family. - This site covers every math topic you need and the ability to ask the experts.

    Math Cats - These cats love Math!  Find out why.

    Multimedia Math Glossary - Now you can see what all those math terms mean.

    Math Lessons that are FUN, FUN, FUN! - Students will find a variety of lessons and games on many different topics.

    Quia Math - Practice Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, and rounding.  You can search by topic.

    Tessellations  - This site is full of activities with exciting shapes!

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