Sitton Spelling

Each unit in Sitton Spelling teaches students new rules that they can apply, not just to the third grade words that they need to learn, but also to bigger, harder words.  We will complete activities in class that teach about word patterns and common spelling concepts so that students can apply their knowledge about spelling in their writing. This makes spelling more practical for students in their daily lives! Plus, playing spelling games and learning about our language is more fun than simply memorizing words!

You will have two sets of words:

Level 3 Priority Words (or the Never Miss Words):  These are words that all third graders should know. You need to spell them correctly each and every time you write them. All students have this list in their desks.

Level 3 Core Words: These are the words that 3rd graders will learn over the course of the year.  A list has been home, and if your parents want to, they can help you study them.  Seriously though, in the course of the year, you should learn to spell these simply by studying rules in each unit.  

Sitton Practice

Click on each unit to practice some of the skills we are studying:

Unit 1    Unit 11       

Unit 2     Unit 12

Unit 3     Unit 13

Unit 4      Unit 14

Unit 5      Unit 15

Unit 6      Unit 16

Unit 7     Unit 17

Unit 8     Unit 18

Unit 9     Unit 19

Unit 10    Unit 20