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Miss Jackie Johnson

Happy Fall!


In our Sitton Spelling program, we take a test in order to determine our spelling list. Parents click here to read a letter about the program. Each student will receive a list at the beginning of each unit with their spelling words. 


Here is a website to practice Sitton Spelling Words

Social Studies

What we're learning...

1st Quarter: We will start studying geography and how to use maps. We will also study the history of Omaha.

2nd Quarter: We will finish our study of maps and geography. We'll discuss and investigate the elements of culture in Omaha. 

3rd Quarter: We'll study the economics of Omaha. We'll learn about producers and consumers in our city. 

4th Quarter: We'll learn about our city's government and how people work together to make our city better. 



In writing we are beginning the year with narratives.

We will write realistic fiction stories, followed by personal narratives. Students will learn the tips and tricks of strong writers as they practice these genres. 

If you're looking for realistic stories to read to give your third graders ideas for Writer's Workshop, check out these books!

Strong to the Hoop: John Coy

Emily's Art: Peter Catalanotto 

Officer Buckle and Gloria: Peggy Rathmann

Thunder Cake: Patricia Palacco 

Thank You, Mr. Falker: Patricia Palacco

A Day's Work: Eve Bunting