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Homework & Assignment Notebooks

Homework & Assignment Notebook

Homework is a way to enhance your child’s learning.  After being taught a concept, I will give your student an opportunity to practice it either independently or in small groups.  Any unfinished work is to be taken home to be completed and returned the next day.  If your child is working steadily in the classroom, they shouldn’t have more than 20 minutes of work.  If your child is struggling, please feel free to help your child with homework.  Sometimes a different approach or a second explanation can make all the difference in the world to your child’s grasp of the concept!

At the end of each day, your child will write the day’s assignments in his/her assignment notebook.   Using the notebook as a guide, your child will then be responsible to gather any unfinished class work to do at home.  This is a new concept for 3rd graders and is often difficult at first.  If your child struggles with this, after a few weeks, you should see an improvement. 

Children who return all work earn recess.  If they have accidentally forgotten to return or finish something, they will be
able to finish it during recess.  When they complete the work, they are welcome to join the class at recess, but rather than play, they will sit out. 

Being a parent myself, I recognize that there are rare occasions where there are extenuating circumstances preventing your child from doing homework.  If that occurs, please let me know in writing.  Your child will still be given time to finish it during recess, but as soon as they are finished they may join the class and play. 

I know that you want communication about how your child is doing with completion of work.  Each day I will put a smiley face in his/her assignment notebook if all the previous day’s assignments were turned in.  I will note a sad face if something was missing, as well as note, telling you what was missing.  As needed, I will also add little notes about your child in the assignment notebook, so you can see, you will want to look at this nightly. 

Please sign the assignment notebook on a nightly basis.  This is an excellent tool for you and me to communicate.  If you put a note in the book, please encourage your child to show me the notebook first thing in the morning.  That way I will have time to respond to any questions you might have. 

Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions about homework and the assignment notebook.