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Our spelling program is called Sitton Spelling.  Can you believe students cheer, when we begin spelling lessons?  It’s just that fun!  

It’s not what your parents are used to seeing!  No Monday lists to study!  No tests on Friday.  Each unit teaches you new rules that you can apply, not just to the third grade words that you need to learn, but also to bigger, harder words.  When we have end of the unit tests, any words missed become the words to take home and study.  You will see these words again in future tests, so you will want to study them.  

You will have two sets of words:

Level 3 Priority Words (or the Never Miss Words):  These are words that all third graders should know. You need to spell them correctly each and every time you write them. All students have this list in their desks.

Level 3 Core Words: These are the words that 3rd graders will learn over the course of the year.  A list has been home, and if your parents want to, they can help you study them.  Seriously though, in the course of the year, you should learn to spell these simply by studying rules in each unit. Click here to link to the word list.