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Besides using the traditional reading basal, students will explore reading using a variety of different formats.  Some of these include: guided reading, literature circles, reading independently, reading with a partner, listening to books on CD or tape, and journaling about what they are reading.  Students will grow tremendously as readers in the third grade and big part of this is reading at home.  I recommend 30 minutes each night to help students with this growth. 


Reading Websites

  • Reading Website - This is Macmillan/McGraw-Hill's website.  They publish our reading textbooks.  Our books are Green books 1 and 2. 
  • Brainpop - There is so much to do at this site, try out the different subject areas for some fun activities
  • Storyline online - This is a website set up by the Screen Actors Guild Foundation.  It features actors reading wonderful children's books.  It is a great way to hear what a fluent reader sounds like.
  • Funbrain - This is another great website to try, it focuses on many content areas, especially math and reading!
  • Gamequarium - This site has great math, reading, and language arts activities, give it a try!
  • ABCs of the Writing Process - Find graphic organizers that will help you with every step of the writing process.
  • Book Adventure - A site that will match you with books you will love.  (K - 8th grade)  Register for free, find books, read online and take quizzes to earn points.
  • Book Lists - Look here to find a book you'll love!
  • Online Picture Books - From the Reading Zone at the Internet Public Library. Find books and activities you can do online. 
  • Poetry 4 Kids - Fun, giggly poetry for everyone!
  • Jan Brett's Home Page - Find a book you like with "Hedgie's Book a Matic" and then go to the home page to  find activities and coloring pages you can do with it.
  • KidsRead.com - Learn more about your favorite books and authors.  Find more books that you'll love to read and write to your favorite authors.
  • Reading is Fundamental (RIF) - At this site you will find an activity zone, a list of cool books to read and a place to express yourself!
  • Starfall.com - FREE interactive storybooks and games along with free writing journals to download.
  • WE READ - Free online "ebooks".  Turn on your speakers to hear the books read to you.  Also includes coloring pages and games.
  • Words and Pictures - Practice spelling, listening and learning new words by playing fun games.

Website list and descriptions adapted from: http://families.owc.edu/Children/reading_lang.htm#elementary


Help your child pick books that are "just right" for them using the I PICK method:

1. I choose a book.

2. Purpose - Why do I want to read?

3. Interest - Does it interest me?

4. Comprehend - Am I understanding what I am reading?

5. Know - I know most of the words.

Using these strategies, you can help your child be a better reader by reading books at their level.

Taken from The Daily 5 by Boushey and Moser